Your Invitation to Healing….Welcome to The Shamanic Transformational Weekend!

This multicultural  shamanic experience will draw in the practices of Ecuadorian Brazilian,Peruvian, West Indian, Zulu, Greenland, Canadian, North and Central American, Russian, & Caribbean traditions. 

Your high energy healing experience will include:

The Opening ceremony, Healing Brazilian clay detox, Five energetic bands of protection,  fire ceremony,  singing flower bath, journaling,  meditation, full moon ceremony,  sweat lodge, trance dance, meals, camping  accommodations and MUCH more!  
( ALL participants must arrive for Opening Ceremony on Friday by 6PM (PLEASE–NO walk-ins or late arrivals)
Checks, PayPal or Venmo  payments are accepted-  Deposit $200, Balance due by Aug 1, 2022 
Email:  for payment option details.
$528. p/p includes all Vegetarian/Vegan meals and camping accommodations ( in an open field-bring your tent and camping gear, no electric). 
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Facilitators– Maggie Keser, Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan and Shirley R Bloethe
ABOUT your Facilitators

Maggie Keser–Shamanic Traditions and training in multiple cultures.

Maggie Keser (Shamama) began her path to become Shaman at a very young age. Her first deep connection was with the sea and her Irish Setter Kelly.. At the age of seven she was taught on how to read the water the clouds, and the wind to navigate through Long Island sound on her parents boat which often times she captained. She also could feel the spirit of her dog Kelly  It was a deep soul connection and at times she could hear Kelly’s feelings and love toward her. At the age of 17 Shamama discovered that she had a congenital medical condition which required an organ transplant, which is the first experience she had with death. At the end of that surgery,  The doctors could not get her heart started again for several minutes making her clinically dead. This happened again at the age of 38 when the transplant needed to be done once more.

Because of her experience at 17, Shamama decided to dedicate her life to be in service of others obtaining her bachelor of science degree in bio chemistry with a minor in physics and getting excepted to several medical schools. Allopathic medicine was not flowing with her energy so she shifted gears. She enjoyed a very successful life as an international business woman, but all the while in her travels studying with the indigenous healers of the countries that she was visiting. She especially loved Brazil,  Peru and Ecuador where she apprenticed with the Yatchack, Suar, and Makanumi tribe’s. She also had a deep connection and relationship with credo Matwa  of the Zulu nation. There Are many more indigenous tribes who initiated Shamama into their tribes including those from Russia, North America, Greenland and Canada.

Shamama Has also graduated from the Chestnut school of herbal medicine focusing on foraging for medicine and medicinal herbal medicine, She is a certified Reiki master, Auricular  therapist, Hypnotherapist, and past life regression.

Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan–Shamanic Traditions and trainings in multiple cultures.

Stephanie Rosally -Kaplan grew up in Westchester County, New York, about 20 minutes outside of  New York City. She was raised Catholic and learned shamanic healing and mediumship from her extended family. Both her maternal and paternal parents had and currently have mediums and medicine women and men in it.  Later in life she received more shamanic training from Alberto VILLOLDO. 

Stephanie has over 25 years of experience in the healing arts. She is a Reiki  Master/Teacher (UsuiKaruna),  Universal White Time Gemstone Crystal Healing practitioner level 2 and 3, Magnified Healing Teacher, Minister in The Order of Melchizedek, Psychic Medium training,  Tarot card reader/teacher,  does Professional House Clearing/House Blessings, is a Professional Photographer and a Shamanic Practitioner , Spiritual Teacher, MoonologyTM practitioner, Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle. She has many gifts and is a gifted healing instrument for humanity. 

Rev. Shirley R. Bloethe— Entrepreneur,  Executive Director of the Holistic Community Professionals, Assistant Pastor at The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light and Reiki Level 2 practitioner.
Rev. Shirley R. Bloethe is a voracious reader and spiritual seeker. Shirley has been hosting holistic events for the last 35+ years and has over 40 years in the holistic community connecting people with many modalities and teachings by numerous practitioners. Her passion is to introduce people to their empowerment options for personal growth/health and optimal wellness.
A 1987 graduate of Hartford College for Women’s Entrepreneurial Course, Shirley is a prolific entrepreneur who owned a group of businesses in New Britain, Southington & Plainville, CT. All of her endeavors support wellness in the seven key areas of life: physical, spiritual, financial, family, career, mental health, and education. She is the Executive Director of the Holistic Community Professionals and the Assistant Pastor at The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light.Prior to a devastating fire in 2012, she ran her newly-renovated building, a solar/wind-power-enhanced complex, designed to support the environment and house the wellness center that she created. Jitters Cafe offered A bookstore, Drumming, Art Shows, Yoga, Readings, Nutritional and Educational classes, Holistic Fairs as well as original music and comedy performances and natural & organic foods & beverages in the Cafe.
Shirley has been active with business advocacy groups at the State level, hosted a radio show for two years featuring local businesses, and is the former President of Central CT Women’s Forum. A recipient of an SBA award, she has spoken at numerous women’s events and State-sponsored SBA self-employment workshops. She is the former owner of The LOOP, a banquet facility. She is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. She is the past President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in CT which transitioned to the newly formed holistic community and her role as Executive Director for the Holistic Community Professionals in the New England area which provides connections for holistic practitioners.
She has three adult children (with one in spirit) and three grandchildren. She spends her free time with her family and friends.

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