Flag for Hope

Please join me in UNITY, HONOR & PEACE

for The United States.

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The Flag for Hope team is led by U.S. Army Veteran Marcos Antonio. This epic mission was started at the Indianapolis 500 on May 23, 2015.

The Flag for Hope is a National Treasure.It is a huge 9’x5′ American Flag formed by the hand and finger impressions of more than 3,700 Americans representing every race, every culture, every background.   Now 3,700 Americans have participated in this epic project. Please join us ( buy a Museum quality serigraph flag, Pledge on FB, share this page…ask to a personal presentation to your group.

See our website for specific persons involved: http://flagforhope.com

Pre-Release Pricing available –Please call me for details 860-989-0033 or click the button ABOVE ( for 1 Serigraph copy of the original flag-Includes Pledge coins)  to pay by credit card.